Roulette Jackpots – Those numbers will come up

Roulette Jackpots – Those numbers will come up

Not many an online casino player may shy away from roulette. Microgaming Casino loves roulette and offers a great selection of games where the roulette jackpots are high. It’s simple to learn and offers a variety of bets and odds to choose from, which means you can start placing bets sooner. You can play safe or opt for those exciting big money bets. The choice is yours although you are guaranteed fun and excitement.

So, if you are a fan of the red, black and green spinning wheel that makes you hold your breath, you’ve come to the right place. We bring you the top Microgaming progressive roulette games that have rocked the online casino world.

Progressive roulette is most exciting since the pool just keeps getting bigger with each game. They may not be in the same league as slots when it comes to progressive jackpots but are slowly attracting the attention of players. So, what is it that makes progressive roulette tick?

For starters, they give you the chance to win much more than the 35-1 maximum payout in standard roulette games. Another advantage is that roulette jackpots are small but are hit much more frequently. Roulette has some great plus points.

Roulette Royale Progressive roulette

Right now, this traditional European roulette game with a twist rules the world of progressive roulette jackpots. It is the first ever roulette jackpot game and the first microgaming progressive roulette game to be found at an online casino. It features all the bets you could expect from a usual game of roulette.

There’s potential in every spin

The jackpot accumulates with every spin of the wheel, which makes it a potentially good earner. In the usual betting options you need to correctly predict where the ball will stop on a spin i.e. red, black and numbers. However, to win the progressive you the ball must stop at the same number on five consecutive spins. The winnings are huge if you get lucky.

A fraction of each bet is added by the online casino to the progressive roulette jackpot pool. As the pool builds up it can run into almost a million dollars. That could be all yours in just 5 spins of the wheel. Microgaming progressive roulette is just for you if you love table games and Royal Roulette is the right place to start.

A few hundred thousand dollars in roulette jackpots is common and the likelihood of it multiplying as much as a thousand a day is high. In a few days you can win big. If that sounds like a good deal it’s time to play Roulette Royale now.